Moving to Burke, VA

The city of Burke, Virginia was built around a railway station. The station was named after Silas Burke, a 19th century farmer, merchant and local politician who owned the land and permitted right-of-way to the Orange and Alexandria railroad. In 1903, a racetrack for trotting and pacing horses was built in Burke. Henry C. Copperthite, also known as the “King of Pie” because he owned a factory in Georgetown that made 50,000 pies each day, built four hotels, stables, and a general store. All of these developments made Burke a popular place for city-dwellers to visit in the summertime. People arrived at Burke to attend fairs, races, exhibitions and baseball games. Although Burke has gone through changes throughout its history, it remains a great area for young professionals and families to live in Fairfax County.

Are you looking for things for your family to do in your new neighborhood? Discover Burke Lake Park! With 888 acres and a recreational lake, there are trails, campsites, picnic and sports areas, a golf course, boat rental, and more! The Burke Farmers Market occurs every Saturday morning 8 AM to 12 PM from April to December. There are many events going in in the Fall season, also. For 2 days in September, Burke Centre has a fall festival and in October, the Burke Nursery & Garden Center has a Pumpkin Playground for all ages.

With its rich history and host of yearly events and traditions, Burke is a fantastic place to move. If you’re planning a move and looking for the right team to manage the packing, logistics, and the transfer of your items, the American Moving & Storage team is ready. Schedule soon by calling our office at 703-870-7975.