Volunteering Our Moving Skills to the Falcons Landing Community

“From our basement playroom in Great Falls to the van was some 125 feet through an adjacent room, a double glass door, a garden gate and up a grassy slope and onto a ramp to inside the van. In order to navigate this, over the rain sodden 10-degree slope, the 4 American Moving professionals rigged this monster by lifting it onto 4 dollies, secured it with belts and ropes; a work of genius! I doubt that a class of MIT students could have accomplished this feat of defying gravity and imbalance in the 30 minutes this ordeal took.” – Falcons Landing in Sterling, VA

One of our proudest and unique moves was of this 800-pound shuffle board, which has the history of being the center of intense competition (one of its players being Neil Armstrong). We volunteered in moving it to the community it was donated to – Falcon’s Landing. For any move big or small, contact American Moving & Storage today!