Taking Great Care of Your Items During the Move

“The team that American Moving & Storage sent over were excellent! They were on time and knew what they were doing. They worked very well as a team. They were careful with my furniture and didn’t break anything. I put everything in storage and will use them again when I need to move in.”

– Homeowner in Alexandria, VA

If you want to ensure that your move is in the right hands, contact American Moving & Storage! We take great care in the transfer and storage of your items.

Prompt, Prepared and Efficient Moving in Sterling, VA

“The men were great: prompt, prepared and efficient. We had hoped to get the move done in two hours, and they made that possible. The first load went to my new residence, and they quickly deposited the furniture in the appropriate places with little effort. The rest went to a storage unit and that went smoothly as well. They wrapped all the furniture in protective plastic wrap and nothing was damaged in the move. We would definitely use them again in the future.”
– A.L. in Sterling, VA

Need items transferred into your new home and a storage facility? You can trust American Moving & Storage for a smooth, efficient moving process. Contact us today!

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Is Your Business in Arlington, VA Moving?

Is your business in Arlington, VA in need of moving services? American Moving & Storage has many years of experience moving residences AND businesses. Don’t worry if you have heavy, bulky items that you’re unsure how to navigate through narrow hallways and entrances. We are problem solvers and will successfully transfer everything. Contact American Moving & Storage for your commercial or personal moving!